Not Easy but Easier

A Pastors Perspective

The tag line on the Risen Media website says “Make Sunday Mornings Easy!”

Let’s be honest – Sunday mornings are rarely easy.  Even the best planned Sunday worship service is often met with the unanticipated and unexpected.

  • The overflow in the bathroom.
  • The photocopying machine that crashes.
  • The volunteers who did not show.
  • The person who “really needs to talk to you” moments before you preach.

Let’s face it, even with our best attempts, Sunday mornings are rarely easy!

However, they can be easier.  Would you be interested if I told you that all of the technical issues related to planning and presenting your Sunday morning service could be MUCH easier?

No more…

  • Pastor, the computer crashed so we have to completely reboot – stall…”  
  • “What do you mean my video won’t play with sound?”
  • “Hey, someone in the back, I need you to advance my slide now.”

 As a preaching pastor, I want to be calm and collected as I prepare to preach. Too often I am stressed and anxious because of technical problems I have no control over!

Believe me, this can all go away by using Risen software.  Risen is a one stop, cloud based, online place where you and your team can do everything from wherever you are. No more trying to integrate Word, PowerPoint with Media Shout or the complexities of ProPresenter.   

Using Risen, you can write your sermons, create slides using their large image library, and seamlessly drop in videos that work. 

At the same time, your worship leader can prepare all the worship slides or download songs or videos from their extensive worship library, while another person is creating your welcome and announcements slides.  

With the translation features, all of this can be done in many languages. 

When it all comes together on Sunday morning, the whole thing runs flawlessly from a tablet, laptop, or even your phone.  No more need for expensive computers!

The availability, adaptability, and affordability of Risen is beyond compare.

Sunday mornings may never be easy, but they can be easier with Risen.  Check it out or schedule a consultation at