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Elevate your worship experience with Risen Media, the ultimate web-based presentation software for churches. Effortlessly create stunning sermons and worship visuals. Engage your congregation with beautiful, seamless presentations designed to inspire and uplift.

Church Presentation Software

Risen Media makes worship presentation easier because it already includes a large worship music library and pre-set worship slides that can be customized.


Risen Media makes Sunday tech easier, because it can be easily run by volunteers with simple computer hardware.


Risen Media makes sermon and slide presentation easier with a wide variety of images, themes, Bible translations and study tools.


Risen Media’s unique features make it easier to elevate your presentations and enhance your congregation.

Web Based

Risen Media makes preparation and collaboration easier, because it can be accessed anywhere over the web, on any device including PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Smartphones, and Tablets.


Risen Media app and all tutorials are available in English and Spanish. More languages are coming soon.

The Difference

Risen Media Is Different Than Any Other Church Presentation Software.

  • Other Presentation Software
  • Risen Media
Features Other Presentation SoftwareRisen Media
No Downloads
Any Device, Anywhere
No Computer Needed To Present
Live Edit Without Interruption
Drag & Drop YouTube Videos
Ready To Go Worship Slides
Social Media Integration
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Bilingual Congregation

Risen Media offers powerful tools designed to simplify the creation and display of bilingual slides, making it easy to engage multilingual congregations.


Translation Tools

Seamlessly translate your points and content into any language using Risen Media’s built-in translation tools.

Bible Verses

Effortlessly insert multiple Bible verses in one or two languages or translations into your slides with a single click. Risen Media will arrange Bible verses across multiple slides according to your selections. For example, you can choose to have English verses on the left side of the slide and Spanish verses on the right.


Utilize the SideSlide feature to display one language on the left screen and its translation on the right, when using two displays (TVs or projectors) at the front of your sanctuary.


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We Have So Much To Offer

See a few ways Risen Media can help you with your church presentation needs.

Simple And Flexible Pricing

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  • 25 Users
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  • Custom Themes
  • Research & Study
  • Bible Commentaries
  • Speaker Notes Management
  • Risen Sermon Assistant
  • Social Media Integration
  • Community Portal
  • Emails & Newsletters
  • Events & Calendar
  • Prayer Requests
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Risen Media Content Library

Our Content Library

Risen Media’s content Library is an ever-expanding repository of Christian based elements that can be added to your presentations with a click of the button.

Risen Media Content Library

Beautiful Images at Your Disposal

Take a peek at some of Risen Media's Christian Based images, ready to be added to your presentations.

No Computer, No Problem

Risen Media stands as the sole presentation software that allows smooth presentation without the need of a computer. By utilizing the remote control of a TV or a Smart TV Stick (such as Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV), you can effortlessly initiate, navigate, and end presentations.

Chromecast with Google TV

Have You Ever Struggled With Live Edits During Your Presentations?

Risen Media is the only software that seamlessly enables real-time editing during your presentation without any interruptions. Watch the video below to see how easy we have made it.

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Discover Why Churches and Ministries Trust Risen Media

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Churches We Proudly Serve

Risen Media is honored to be a part of these churches in their mission to serve God

Wilmore Anglican Church
Westpres Church Burbank
Emmanuel Church Burbank
LA Church
Evening Star
Iranian Christian Church Of Los Angeles
Revival Life Church
New Creation LA
The Wine Fellowship
FBC Glendora
Voice of the Trumpet International Ministries
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