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Elevate your worship services with Risen Media, the premier web-based presentation software for churches. Easily create stunning sermons and worship visuals, that will inspire and uplift your congregation with every presentation.

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Church Presentation Software
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Risen Media Is Adaptable

Expensive Hardware Free

Risen Media works seamlessly on any device, including PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Smartphones and Tablets, eliminating the need for new and costly hardware. With its user-friendly interface, intuitive tools, and extensive asset libraries, Risen Media fulfills all of your presentation needs. Discover more about our features and offerings in the Products drop-down menu.

Risen Media Is Accessible

No Downloads

Risen Media allows you to work on your presentations from any location with an internet connection. Multiple users can be logged on simultaneously from their own devices to collaborate on the creation of your presentation. Risen Media’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for volunteers to learn and use the software quickly and effectively.

No Downloads
Low Cost

Risen Media Is Affordable

Low Cost

Risen Media offers an affordable, subscription-based solution that works on any computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Enjoy the flexibility of month-to-month billing with no annual contracts. Say goodbye to costly hardware and software upgrades!

Plans start at $19/month. See our Pricing page for details.

Why Choose Risen Media?

Risen Media is the solution that you have been waiting for regarding all of your presentation needs.

Beautiful Creative Solutions

Risen Media’s design center gives the user a variety of easy to use tools to create gorgeous, engaging and robust presentations.

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Friendly Interface

Risen Media’s Interface was designed specifically for a quick learning curve, ease of use and intuitive work flow.

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Extremely Flexible

Risen Media’s design studio allows large latitudes of flexiblity in asset creation, and usage.

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Video Tutorials

Risen Media has an extensive library of video tutorials to help you navigate, and maximize your creative process.

Church Presentation

Worship and Sermons Made Easy

Risen Media focuses on anticipating what you might need to create and present in the most user friendly and intuitive way possible.

The Complete Presentation Solution

From start to finish Risen Media is able to meet your presentation needs. With our easy to understand tools, and robust asset libraries you will be able to create captivating presentations, straightforward, and quickly.

Slides Created

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  • Over 100,000 slides have been created using Risen Media
  • Risen Media makes it easy to create and present Worship and Sermon slides

Worship songs 

Ready to compose

Video Tutorials

Risen Media has an extensive, and ever growing library of short video tutorials that walk you through the software step by step.

Powerful Design Studio

Risen Media provides you with a large suite of easy to use, but powerful design tools that allow you to create beautiful presentations quickly, and effectively.


Risen Media is a web-based software which gives you flexible availability to the software, quick, and easy upgrades, keeps your costs down, and offers scalability to your service.


SideSlide™ is a unique feature to Risen Media that provides a method for allowing the presenter to display different content on each of two or more screens simultaneously. It is designed to enhance your visual storytelling.

Comprehensive Worship Library

Risen Media has an ever expanding, living library of Christian music lyrics that ranges from timeless classics, and hymns to the most popular contemporary worship songs of today.

Image Library

You no longer have to spend hours searching the internet for that perfect image. Take advantage of Risen Media's extensive visual library.

Bible Translations

You can find a multitude of Bible translations, from the NIV to the King James edition. As well as multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Korean, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Armenian, and more.

Quotes and Prayer Library

With the single click of a button you can search, and add quotes from your favorite theologian to your presentations.

Bible Study and Commentaries

Take advantage of Risen Media's diverse array of theological tools designed to help you in your sermon preparations.

Live Edit

Risen Media is the only software on the market that allows uninterrupted changes during a live presentation.


Risen Media's website, software, tutorial videos, and image assets are all available in both English and Spanish.

Community Database

Risen Media's community database ensures efficient communication, and a nurturing environment towards your congregation.

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Faster Access

Faster access to your Worships and Sermons on the cloud.

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More Productivity

Increase your productivity with Risen Media. Work on your Sermon anywhere, and anytime.

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Secure Access

Risen Media is using 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your data.

Beautiful Images at Your Disposal

Take a peek at some of Risen Media's Christian Based images, ready to be added to your presentations.

Churches We Proudly Serve

Risen Media is honored to be a part of these churches in their mission to serve God

Wilmore Anglican Church
Westpres Church Burbank
Emmanuel Church Burbank
LA Church
Evening Star
Iranian Christian Church Of Los Angeles
Revival Life Church
New Creation LA
The Wine Fellowship
FBC Glendora
Voice of the Trumpet International Ministries


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