Elevate Your Presentations

Are you ready to transform your church presentations and engage your congregation like never before? Look no further! Risen Media has all the tools you will need.

Easy to Use Design Studio

Risen Media’s design studio has a large array of easy-to-use tools but does not compromise on features that will give your presentations a robust appearance.

Design Studio

Design Studio

Risen Media understands just how daunting new software can be to learn, and how hard it is to find volunteers to be part of the Tech Team at church. That is why we created our Design Studio to be easy to use and incredibly intuitive to learn. Making it ideal for volunteers.

Asset Library

Risen Media’s Asset Library is an ever-expanding repository of Christian based elements that can be added to your presentations with a click of the mouse. Our library is filled with a variety of graphics, and images to help enhance the visual splendor, and emotional impact of your presentations.

Presentation Themes

Risen Media simplifies the process of transitioning between presentation themes smoothly by streamlining the experience with just a single mouse click. Thus enabling users to seamlessly switch between diverse themes, ensuring a polished and professional look for every presentation. With an extensive library of customizable themes at your disposal, you can effortlessly adapt your presentations to suit different topics, audiences, and occasions with unparalleled ease.

Design Studio Presentation Themes

Easy to Use Tools

Risen Media’s design center offers a suite of tools that boast intuitive interfaces, making them readily recognizable and user-friendly. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, Risen Media ensures that even novice users can navigate its design tools with ease. Each tool is thoughtfully crafted to streamline the creation process, empowering users to bring their creative vision to life without unnecessary complexity.

Design Studio Format & Align Text

The Missing Piece

Risen Media’s patented SideSlide™ technology is the missing piece that will take your presentations to a whole new level.


A New and Smart Way to Present

SideSlide™ is a new and exciting way to take your presentations to the next level. This uniquely powerful feature allows you to send and present different images, content and slides to different screens (TVs and Projectors) simultaneously.

Expand Your Horizons

Our SideSlide™ technology allows you to expand your presentations in dynamic new ways that is a completely unique feature to Risen Media.

Editing While Live

Making last minute changes to a presentation can send your tech booth into a panic, and uninterrupted changes during a presentation is an impossibility with other software, but Risen Media created the solution.

Live Edit

Risen Media understands that last minute changes happen, even after the service has already begun. So we created a Live Edit Feature where you can easily edit slides while other slides are being shown live to the congregation on your projectors or televisions without any disruption to the service or knowledge to those in attendance or watching online.

Unparalleled Advantages

Experience the unparalleled advantages of live editing with Risen Media, where seamless real-time updates transform presentations into dynamic, interactive experiences. With the ability to edit content on the fly without interrupting the flow of the presentation, users can effortlessly refine their message, respond to audience feedback, and adapt to evolving situations with ease. Whether it’s correcting a typo, updating data, or incorporating last-minute changes, Risen Media empowers presenters to stay agile and responsive, ensuring that their message remains relevant and impactful. With live editing, the presentation process becomes a collaborative journey, fostering engagement and connection with audiences like never before.

Live Edit

Drag & Drop

It's as simple as dragging and dropping.

Drag & Drop

Experience the wonders of effortless design with Risen Media’s Drag-and-Drop feature, revolutionizing the way presentations are crafted. With a simple click and hold, users can seamlessly move elements from their desktop, the web, or YouTube, directly into their presentation unleashing boundless creativity with every drag.

Whether it’s images, or videos, the intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes arranging and organizing content a breeze. Gone are the days of tedious formatting and resizing—Risen Media empowers users to design with fluidity and precision, resulting in polished presentations that captivate and inspire. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to seamless design with Risen Media’s drag-and-drop functionality.

Drag & Drop From Your Desktop

Simply drag and drop any of your images from your desktop into your presentation.

Design Studio Drag & Drop from Desktop

Drag & Drop From the Web

You have searched the web and found an image, simply drag and drop that image into your presentation.

Design Studio Drag & Drop from Web

Drag & Drop From YouTube

You have just found the perfect YouTube video. Risen Media’s built in YouTube support allows you to simply drag and drop the URL into your presentation. It’s that easy!

Design Studio Insert YouTube Video

Bible Verses

Adding biblical verses to your slides has never been easier.

Adding Verses

Risen Media has designed an Insert Bible Verse Feature that has made the process faster, and simpler than ever before. You can choose the language, the translation, the book, the chapter, the verses, how many verses you wish to have per slide and with the click of a button Risen Media will create the slides for you.

Biblical Library

Risen Media has an ever-expanding biblical library where you can find a multitude of translations in a variety of languages, such as English, Spanish, Korean, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Armenian and more.

Design Studio Insert Bible Verse

Worship Made Easy

Risen Media has a pair of ever-growing worship libraries designed to make your worship presentations as easy to create as possible.,

Worship Library

Risen Media’s ever-growing Worship Library has the lyrics to over 3,000 songs. Ranging from timeless Gospel Hymns to the most popular Contemporary Christian hits. With our easy-to-use song composer, you can quickly create your own custom slides.

Pre-set Worship Slides

Risen Media has over 300 pre-set worship slides complete with lyrics slides for the congregation, green screen slides with the lyrics adjusted to the bottom third of the page for streaming, and an instantly adjustable chords slide for your worship team.

Import Worship Slides

Worship Song Slides

Compose Songs

Worship Song Compose

Change the Key

Design Studio Worship Song Chords

Quotes at the Ready

Risen Media has an ever-expanding library of quotes from famous theologians ready for you to access and insert into your presentations with the click of a button.

Quotes Library

Risen Media’s ever expanding Quotes Library has the wise words of great theologians across time. Ranging from the ancient meditations of Saint Augustine to the wise deliberations of C.S. Lewis, to the modern thinking of R.C. Sproul.

Easy and Quick to Add

Risen Media’s Quotes Library has been designed to be easy to search for that perfect excerpt and then with a simple click, be added directly into your presentation.

All the Prayers You Will Need

Risen Media has an ever-expanding library of prayers ready for you to access and insert into your presentations with the click of a button.

Prayers Library

Risen Media’s ever expanding Prayers Library has the right pray for your presentation. Such as The Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed, and Glory Be, to name a few.

Easy and Quick to Add

Risen Media’s Prayers Library has been designed to be easy to search, and even easier to be added directly into your presentation.

Confidence Screen

Thanks to Risen Media’s patented SideSlide™ technology, we can take your confidence screen to a level that no other software can.

For Sermons

We are always striving for continuous eye contact with our congregation as we preach, but even the best of us need to glance down at our notes from time to time breaking the connection with our audience. Thanks to our multi display feature you can now stay in constant connection with your flock during your sermon as you scroll through your notes like a teleprompter. With the added bonus of tracking the local time, the overall time spent on the presentation, and the time spent on the current slide.

For Worship

Display the lyrics along with the chords for the band to see while the congregation enjoys beautifully designed slides.

Speaker Notes
Confidence Screen With Speaker Notes
Lyrics & Chords
Confidence Screen With Chords