Social Media

Risen Media offers a comprehensive solution for aggregating all of your social media content across various platforms. Through its user-friendly interface, you can manage and monitor your social media presence from one centralized dashboard. This streamlines your content creation process, allowing you to maintain consistency and engage with your audience more effectively. With Risen Media, you can save time and effort by avoiding the need to manually navigate through multiple platforms. Instead, you can focus on creating compelling content and fostering meaningful connections with your followers, knowing that your social media presence is being efficiently managed and amplified across a wide variety of outlets.

Social Media

Scheduling & Posting

Save time and reduce stress by scheduling all of your social media posts.


Use our automated publishing tool to post bible verses, theologian quotes, prayers and more daily


Aggregate all of your social media posts through Risen Media and publish them anywhere, including your displays in your church.

Social Media

Hashtag Research

Use our Hashtag Research tool to create relevant, and smart hashtags that will help you engage with and share your message with more people.

Smart Hashtags

Risen Media’s Hashtag Research tool creates Smart Hashtags, which serve as powerful tools in navigating and harnessing the vast landscape of social media.

By strategically incorporating relevant keywords and phrases, Risen’s Smart Hashtags amplify the visibility and reach of your content, facilitating engagement and interaction within specific communities or topics. This streamlines your contents discovery for like-minded users, enabling them to efficiently find and connect with message.

Ultimately, Smart Hashtags empowers you to curate your digital experience, fostering meaningful connections, and conversations in the ever-expanding realm of social media

Social Media Aggregation

Risen Media offers a social media aggregation tool to aggregate all your posts from your social media pages into a feed that can be shown on your website, presentation slide or TV.

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