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Donna Larsen
Donna Larsen Worship Tech Leader

Our computer needed to be updated at church and they asked me about all the software we used and would it play nice with the upgraded iOS. I did some research and found out … all AOK. But discovered to my horror, there was fine print. Turns out the software company we had been using stopped servicing our version. That was not made clear to me. So I found myself in a horrible predicament. This was Friday, and worship needed to be done for Sunday. We had lost everything. Lyrics. Pictures. Videos. Everything. The software company didn’t care at all and pretty much gave me the cold shoulder, once I finally reached a human being. I researched about 8 different providers and settled on Risen Media. It was pretty much sealed the second that Michael-Paul, one of the Founders answered my call personally! He truly cared! So much so that he got his developer and they had a zoom call with me that same day to get me set up. They weren’t done there. He also volunteered to enter the worship songs for that Sunday into the system for me, since I already had so much else going on. It was truly a living saving moment. Risen Media has risen above ALL other presentation software providers in my mind. Pun intended. Arbi, the developer, uploads new videos all the time to their library. I used to have to search online for royalty free pictures and videos, download, then upload into the software. It was a long process. Today, I just open up the Risen Media Library, look, choose and click. Boom. Done. It’s so much quicker than before! We love Risen Media at our church … the congregation loves the new look of our slides and they are much easier to read since they taught me the tricks of what font and size to use. Doing the worship slides is fun and so easy. I can train anyone from home since its all online. The team loves it too! I’ve taught them all the ‘spacebar’ ministry. LOL. We all joke about that. If you are searching for a church presentation software, stop looking. You’ve already found it in Risen Media! God Bless them!!!

 Dan Myers
Dan Myers Pastor of New Creation LA

When I first met the developers of Risen Media, I didn’t think I would be interested in switching presentation products. What immediately sold me on this product was the fact that it is cloud-based which enables me to collaborate with my team, and the fact that I can run this product from a Fire Stick, eliminating the need for an additional presentation computer. Once I began using Risen Media I also realized how much time this product saves me in creating presentations. So overall, I’m saving time, money, and I’ve added the ability to collaborate with my team members. Win, win, win! You would be foolish to not look into this amazing product. I could not be more happy that I did.

Rev. Paul W. Clairville
Rev. Paul W. Clairville Senior Pastor

We have been using the Risen platform for several months now after relying exclusively on PowerPoint. The ease of use, the options for presentations are very helpful for worship preparation, collegial thinking, and congregational communication.

Adam Jones
Adam Jones Associate Pastor

You can have the best advice in the world, but if you can’t communicate, it doesn’t matter. Risen Media gives you the tools to communicate efficiently and effectively, whether it be a personal pitch, a boardroom presentation, or a speech to thousands. Risen Media helps you communicate.

David Hoffman
David Hoffman Middle School Pastor

Risen Media is the presentation software I never realized I wanted. The web interface allows me to create my messages and presentations at the same time, across devices, and just show up at church ready to go. The software allows me to teach without having to think about my tech, allowing me to focus on what matters, helping people get to know Jesus.

Bob Drummond
Bob Drummond Executive Pastor

Like many pastors, I observed the frequent frustration of our worship leaders having to use multiple programs to plan and present our worship services. There never seemed to be a good solution - until we were introduced to Risen. Risen integrated everything we needed into one, easy to use, accessible platform. It allowed multiple users to work on their part of the service from wherever they were. The special features and graphics libraries were amazing and more was added every month. Most importantly was the personal training and responsiveness from the Risen staff to make sure our staff were comfortable and competent with their program. Risen is the future for worship planning. Every church will benefit from using it - from the smallest to the largest churches.

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