Simplicity Rules

You don’t need fancy hardware to run our software.

No Expensive Hardware Upgrades

Are you tired of constantly upgrading your software and then having to upgrade your hardware? Those days are over if you use Risen Media. Risen Media is a web-based application that can run on any device that has an internet browser.

Runs on Grandma’s Computer

Risen Media wants to meet Churches where they are technologically, not force churches to make expensive hardware upgrades. So, we designed, and tested our software to run perfectly on old and inexpensive devices.


Our Cloud Based Software frees you from a single device.


Work from anywhere on any device, including PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Smartphones, and Tablets. Our web-based software got you covered. From writing your sermon, designing your worship slides to creating the Sunday bundle and presenting, Risen Media does it all on the web.


Feel the true meaning of wireless with Risen Media. You will no longer have to run cables to computers, projectors, or displays.

Files at the Ready

Risen Media allows you and your team, access to all of your files with a single click, no matter where you are, or what device you are on.

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Cloud Based

Faster access to your Worships and Sermons on the cloud.

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Our servers’ backups have backups. Risen Media will always be there to serve your church.

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Secure Access

Risen Media is using 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your data.


Risen Media makes it easy for your team to collaborate.


Thanks to Risen Media’s multiuser platform, multiple team members can work on different aspects of the presentation simultaneously and cooperatively.

Custom Access

Risen Media allows you to customize each team member’s software access.