The church community provides a supportive and nurturing environment for individuals to grow spiritually and connect with others who share their faith.

Community Records

Keeping a community record of individuals in your church ensures efficient communication and fosters a sense of belonging among members. It serves as a valuable resource for tracking attendance, organizing events, and providing pastoral care tailored to the needs of each member. Moreover, maintaining such records helps preserve the rich history and heritage of the church for future generations.

Self Registration Portal

You can create a link or a QR code for members and visitors to self register with.

Community Portal

Having a community portal for your church congregation allows members to stay connected, access resources, and participate in activities, conveniently fostering a stronger sense of unity and engagement within the community.

Update Information

Members of the congregation can login to the portal and update their information, allowing your church to keep contact details and preferences current with just a few clicks. With this streamlined process, you can ensure that the church has accurate information for communication and outreach efforts, fostering a stronger sense of community and connection.

Engage with the Church Calendar

Risen Media makes it easy to engage with the church calendar, ensuring accurate and up-to-date event scheduling with minimal effort.

Prayer Requests

Keeping up to date with people’s prayer requests is easy with Risen Media, as it allows effortless request submission and provides timely updates, fostering a supportive community grounded in mutual care and prayer.

Keep up to date

View both past, and live worship and sermon slides.

Check - In

Risen Media's advanced check-in system minimizes wait times while maximizing security measures, providing a seamless experience for families.

Just Four Numbers

Simply type in the last four digits of your cell phone number into the prompt, and then click print. Nothing could be easier.

Badge QR Code for Kids Ministry

Each badge comes with all the pertinent information of the child printed on it, but also a QR Code that can be scanned by an approved church official to get more information about the child that may be useful in an emergency situation.

Keep Attendance of Any Event

With every check-in an attendance roll is recorded for authorized church staff to access and review.


Risen Media has simplified and streamlined emailing your congregation by providing user-friendly templates, automated scheduling, and intuitive features, making communication with members more efficient and effective.

Easy Distrubution

Distributing emails using Risen Media is a breeze, with its user-friendly interface enabling efficient drafting, scheduling, and sending of messages to the congregation. With intuitive tools for segmentation and personalization, reaching specific groups or individuals with relevant content has never been easier.

Email Automation

Automating emails with Risen Media is seamless, allowing you to set up triggers, and schedules effortlessly for timely delivery of messages. It’s intuitive automation tools streamline communication, saving time and ensuring consistent engagement with the congregation.


Risen Media has made it easy to create, and distribute newsletters to your church congregation by offering easy to use design tools, customizable templates, and seamless distribution channels, ensuring effective, and up to date communication with your entire congregation.

Creation Tools

Create stunning and engaging newsletters with ease. With intuitive drag-and-drop features and robust editing capabilities, crafting professional-quality newsletters has never been simpler or more efficient.

Events & Calendar

Managing your calendar has never been easier with Risen Media, thanks to our intuitive interface and comprehensive features, that enables seamless organization, and coordination for your church community.


Risen Media allows you to create both internal and external events that are either singular, or recurring with a click of the button.


Risen Media makes it easy for you to create a registration link for your events.

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests within the church are important as they foster a sense of communal support, allowing members to uplift one another in times of need and strengthen the bonds of faith through collective intercession.

Reguest Prayer Portal

Members and vistors can request prayers and assign them to a customizable list of groups or individuals.

Prayer Request distribution

With one click you can share a prayer request with the appropriate prayer team.