Worship Made Easy

Risen Media has a pair of ever-growing worship libraries designed to make your worship presentations as easy to create as possible.

Worship Library

Risen Media’s ever-growing Worship Library has the lyrics to over 3,000 songs. Ranging from timeless Gospel Hymns to the most popular Contemporary Christian hits. With our easy-to-use song composer, you can quickly create your own custom slides.

Pre-set Worship Slides

Risen Media has over 300 pre-set worship slides complete with lyrics slides for the congregation, green screen slides with the lyrics adjusted to the bottom third of the page for streaming, and an instantly adjustable chords slide for your worship team.

Importing Worship Slides

Worship Song Slides

Composing Worship Songs

Worship Song Compose

Confidence Screen

Use any display as a confidence screen with clear type and color.

Easy To Read Type and Color

Create stunning worship slides with attractive backgrounds and colors. Enhance your slides with beautiful motion backgrounds, ensuring an engaging visual experience for the congregation while keeping the confidence screen simple and clear.


Add chords to lyrics for display on the confidence screen. Easily change the key with a single click. Chords can be highlighted in different colors to ensure clear visibility on the lyrics.

Adding Chords

Design Studio Worship Song Chords