Voice of the Trumpet International Ministries

Damascus, OR

Voice of the Trumpet International Ministries, Damascus OR


Voice of the Trumpet is an apostolic present truth church (2 Peter 1:12), located in Damascus, Oregon. The church was relying on a worship presentation program that was cumbersome to use and stopped running because the software provider stopped servicing that version of the software. In one weekend, Risen Media provided them with church presentation software that was immediately available and easy enough to learn that they could use on Sunday. RisenMedia is an affordable solution that suited their needs to a “T”. Voice of the Trumpet now happily uses Risen Media exclusively for all their church presentation needs.

“Risen Media literally saved me at a time when I needed immediate help.”
Donna Larson
Donna Larsen
Worship Tech Leader


Voice of the Trumpet International Ministries is an apostolic present truth Church (2 Peter 1:12) that is purposed to bring believers into a deep and genuine relationship with the Lord. It is their passion and mandate to see the saints grow up into the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-16).

Every believer should actively and earnestly live, move and have their being in Christ and experientially apprehend Heavenly Father and their sonship (Romans 8:14).

Their goal is to provide an atmosphere where believers are challenged, encouraged, instructed and enabled to grow up into Him in all things (Ephesians 4:15). Voice of the Trumpet International Ministries is a place of instruction and impartation in both the Word and the Spirit (1 Thessalonians 1:5).


Damascus, OR



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Technical Worship volunteer, Donna Larsen, was putting together the worship service for Sunday, but she found that she was locked out of the software! The provider of the software stopped servicing their version and she did not know it. She found herself in a panic, not knowing what to do and was not getting any help from the software company. She did a computer search for church presentation software and found Risen Media. She called and was surprised when one of the creators, Michael-Paul Terranova, answered the phone. She explained her crisis and, within hours, Michael-Paul and his partner, Arbi Stepanian, showed her how to access the Risen Media software and helped her put together her presentation. Donna has testified frequently that “Michael-Paul and Arbi literally saved me that day.” Voice of the Trumpet has been using Risen Media ever since.


The quick, personal response to her immediate problem by the Risen Media staff was in great contrast to the “rude and could care-less” response from the well-known church presentation software she was using before. Working with the Risen Media staff, Donna was able to access and learn the software program quickly and had her program ready well before her deadline. She testified, “Risen Media really saved me.”


Risen Media Solved Her Problem Immediately: The combination of the easy access of the software and the quick response from the Risen Media staff, Donna was able to have the presentation she had promised her pastor available in less than a day.

Risen Media Gives Her Flexibility: Because Risen Media is a web-based application, Donna can put together worship programs from anywhere.  She recently shared, “It’s so easy!  I can train my volunteers from home, put together the worship services from home … It saves me a ton of time every week! We just love RisenMedia!!!”

Risen Media Makes Putting Together Worship Easier:  Using Risen Media created worship slides and creating her own in the program, she can quickly put together beautiful slides with the worship lyrics that can easily be shown during the worship service. 

Risen Media Features are Improving the Sunday Morning Presentation:  Risen Media makes it easy to elevate the worship services by offering features like motion backgrounds, creative graphic images, music, and videos. Donna especially likes to use slides and videos of “God’s creation” while music is playing.

Risen Media Makes it  Easier For Volunteers to Serve: Risen Media is simple to run, so simple that Donna shared “that I can train anyone in our congregation to run the slides for worship.”  If a person can push a space bar on the computer, they can run the Risen program for the church.

Risen Media Provides Support and Training:  Donna uses many of the video tutorials available in Risen Media to learn how to use functions and features. When she does need help, she has found the Risen Media staff always available and helpful to her.


Voice of the Trumpet International Ministries is a great example of how a church of any size can have a professional and effective worship service presentation by using Risen Media.  The program proved to be quickly available, affordable and adaptable to the unique needs of the church. Using Risen Media allowed the worship tech volunteers to no longer be dependent on pricey software programs that had to be run on expensive computers, with poor customer support. Risen Media definitely made Sunday mornings easier for the Church.